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"New and improved Gauntlets"
Alphonso Mackenzie to Quake[src]

The Quake Gauntlets are specialized Gauntlets designed by Jemma Simmons to absorb all Quake's earthquakes, not only assisting her in aiming the shockwaves, but protecting her body from all of the vibrations that risked shattering her bones.


Original Design

"You could become magnificent. But something's inhibiting you, constraining your energy."
"My friend's a scientist. She made these to protect me."
"Or do they protect people from you?"
Gordon and Skye[src]

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Weaponised Gauntlets

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"Absorption plates, frequency mounts, resonant processor units, the results don't lie. They're perfect."
"They might be a little snug, but they've got me close to full strength."
Leo Fitz and Quake[src]

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