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"To fight, to bleed, to die for those we love and cherish. To wage war on those who would kill any who cannot defend themselves. To hold back the ever-growing tide of Ragnarök that comes to calm us all. This is not our duty. It is the reason for our very existence. Since the days of Bor and Buri before him, we have protected the Nine Realms. But for too long, Asgard has been cut off from those who depend on our blood and courage for their survival. Without our light, darkness spreads. But the time of darkness is at an end. Asgard returns. And there will be Hel to pay!"

Ragnarök is a major doomsday event in Asgardian culture.


While delivering an inspirational speech to his allies during the Marauders' War, Thor mentions "the ever-growing tide of Ragnarök that comes to claim us all".[1]


"Thor will defy you and wage war against the Jotuns from now until Ragnarök."
Loki to Odin[src]

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