A gallery of images of the Inhuman scientist Raina.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.


Season One

Episode 1.05: Girl in the Flower Dress
Episode 1.10: The Bridge
Episode 1.11: The Magical Place
Episode 1.18: Providence
Episode 1.21: Ragtag
Episode 1.22: Beginning of the End

Season Two

Episode2.02: Heavy is the Head
Episode 2.04: Face My Enemy
Episode 2.05: A Hen in the Wolf House
Episode 2.09: Ye Who Enter Here
Episode 2.10: What They Become
Episode 2.11: Aftershocks
Episode 2.16: Afterlife

Episode 2.17: Melinda
Episode 2.19: The Dirty Half Dozen
Episode 2.20: Scars
Episode 2.21: S.O.S. Part One


Behind the Scenes

Concept Art