"Seriously, lose the camera, Coppola."
"I can't, it's a continuous shot. That means that there's no cuts."
"Look at that, I found a cut."
"You destroyed my art!"
"It was a mercy killing."
Jessica Jones and Raj[src]

Raj was a film student who became Mei's new roommate following the disappearance of her friend Hope Shlottman.


Art Project of a New Roommate

Hope Shlottman's Apartment

Raj and Mei speak to Jessica Jones

In a way to find an apartment, Raj got in contact with Mei, who suddenly needed a roommate after Hope Shlottman left, on Craigslist. As a film student, Raj decided to make an experimental time lapse film of a year in my life. While getting something from the refrigerator, Raj was suprised when Jessica Jones opened their door, claiming it was already opened.

While Mei and Jones talked about Hope Shlottman, Raj sat next to them, filming everything. Jones, annoyed with Raj's filming, told him to stop shooting. When he did not stop, Jones called him a copolla. Raj explained to her that he cannot cut, to which Jones reacted by taking the camera and throwing it away; this meant that his art got destroyed. While checking his camera he mentioned that there was still one box of Shlottman's stuff left in his closet, which he was told to get for them.[1]