"This is from a smoking-hot Rajak girl...didn't like the fact I tried to skip out on her at sunrise; stabbed me with a fork..."

Rajaks are an alien race and one of the members of the Confederacy.


Peter Quill once slept with a Rajak girl. When he tried to abandon her in the morning, she stabbed him with a fork. Quill told Drax the Destroyer about the incident in an attempt to keep him from killing Gamora while the three were in the Kyln.[1]

As part of the Confederacy, the Rajaks made a deal with HYDRA, promising to help Earth face a powerful enemy in exchange for ressources. In fact, the Confederacy were just using HYDRA to get what they wanted, Gravitonium and Inhuman slaves, before Earth doom.[2]

Notable Rajaks


  • In the comics, the Rajaks are from the planet Rajak where a group of Rajak space pirates once attacked Planet T-37X which was the homeworld of the Watchers. The Rajaks on the planet Rajak were exterminated by Ultimo causing the Rajaks that were off the planet at the time to hunt down Ultimo.


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