"Is there anything else I can help you with today?"

This Receptionist is an employee of Isodyne Energy. She hindered the investigation of the Strategic Scientific Reserve into Isodyne Energy.


Search Warrant

"Do you have a search warrant?"
"We do not."
"Is there anything else I can help you with today?"
―Receptionist and Peggy Carter[src]

The Receptionist would not allow Strategic Scientific Reserve Agent Peggy Carter, Chief Daniel Sousa, or Los Angeles Police Detective Andrew Henry to enter Isodyne Energy Headquarters without a search warrant when the three came there investigating the death of Isodyne Energy scientist Jane Scott. However, when Carter asked her if she could use the restroom positioned to the right behind her, the Receptionist allowed it. As Carter went to the left, entering the laboratories, the Receptionist was distracted when Sousa began to flirt with her, asking her for how long she worked for Isodyne; she told him, with a smile, that she began three years ago. A few minutes later, she found Carter in the laboratory of Jason Wilkes. She asked the authorities to leave the building.[1]

Closed for Business

The next day, Strategic Scientific Reserve Chief Daniel Sousa and Agent Peggy Carter returned to Isodyne Energy Headquarters and saw the Receptionist; they had obtained a search warrant. She told them that an accident occurred and no one was allowed to enter; the agents found the situation convenient for Isodyne Energy, but not for them. Behind her, workers in hazmat suits were putting boards on the door. The Receptionist then watched as Carter spoke to Jason Wilkes, before the agents left the building.[2]