The Rescue of Kidnapped Women was an attempt by the Masked Man to liberate a group of young women from the combined forces of Turk Barrett and the Russian Mafia.


Matt Murdock went to confession, telling stories about growing up with his father before claiming he was not there to seek forgiveness for what he had done but was asking forgiveness for what he was about to do. He would not tell Father Lantom his intention.[1]



Barrett threatens all of his female prisoners.

Turk Barrett and Russian Mafia members were given the job of transporting a group of young women in a cargo holder to be used as prostitutes overseas. When the girls would not stop screaming due to the traumatic ordeal, Barrett held a gun at their heads and threatened them; he then promised that if they stopped screaming, he would be kind enough to give them a bucket to use as a toilet. In order to stop their screams, Barrett stunned one of the girls with a taser before ordering his men to put them in the cargo hold to begin their journey across the sea to begin their new terrible life.


Murdock as the Masked Man.

Witnessing this terrible act, Masked Man snuck up behind Barrett's men and attacked, knocking down many of the guards and avoiding Barrett as he attempted to shoot him before subduing him by throwing a steel beam at his head which knocked Barrett to the ground.

With all the gangsters now defeated, including one who was just sitting and watching the fight who Murdock threw a steel beam at and knocked into the river, Murdock then focused his efforts on the hostages. He freed the women and ordered them to head towards New York City in the light and flag down the first police officer they found, banging on the container door to make them leave faster. As the women ran away to freedom, Murdock dodged out of the way of Barrett's gunshot before beating him senseless and leaving him to be found and arrested by the police when they arrived.[1]


Turk Barrett was forced to contact Vladimir and Anatoly Ranskahov, and inform them of what he had witnessed. Despite the strangeness of Barrett's story, both the Ranskahovs believed it was true and informed Madame Gao, Nobu Yoshioka, Leland Owlsley and James Wesley of the attack.[1]