The Rescue of the Kidnapped Boy was a mission undertaken by Matt Murdock to rescue a young boy from gangsters Anatoly and Vladimir Ranskahov.

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After hearing the screams of a young boy being abducted from his father's car, Matt Murdock attempted to save him only to be badly beaten.

He barely escapes and is forced to hide inside a dumpster. A young man named Santino finds the injured Murdock in the dumpster and quickly alerts his neighbor, the nurse Claire Temple. In Temple's apartment, she tends to his wounds, saving his life.

Soon, Semyon, a mobster sent by Vladimir Ranskahov, arrives at the apartment complex and tries to find Murdock. With Temple's help, Murdock kidnaps Semyon and interrogates him to find out where the boy is being held. He then throws him from the roof, causing him to land in a dumpster and become comatose.

Murdock tells Temple to move apartment so that the other gangsters do not find her. She gives him the location where she can be found in the future, in case he needs any more help. Murdock heads out to find the young boy.


After a lengthy fight between Murdock and nine thugs, Murdock saves the boy and brings him back to his father.


Vladimir and Anatoly Ranskahov find and visit Semyon at the hospital. They woke him up with a shot of epinephrine. Upon awakening, Semyon was asked what he knew about the masked man; he revealed the location of Claire Temple's Apartment to which Sergei was sent. He then breathed his last after giving that information.


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