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Full of surprises
"Well, you are just full of surprises."
WARNING! This article contains MAJOR SPOILERS for Luke Cage (TV series). Keep reading this article at your own risk.
"You should be out there helping people, like them other fellas down town."
"Reva used to say the same thing."
"Yeah well, she was right."
Pop and Luke Cage[src]

Reva Connors was a psychologist that treated prisoners at Seagate Prison, where she met and fell in love with convict Carl Lucas. She was murdered by Kilgrave and Jessica Jones under his influence due to her knowledge of Kilgrave's origins.


Meeting Carl Lucas

Reva Connors met a former police officer named Carl Lucas at Seagate Prison, later named Luke Cage. Cage gained unbreakable skin and superhuman strength; however, Connors stayed with Cage and kept his secret from the world, eventually marrying him.


"The only thing I had left of Reva was inside those four walls."
Luke Cage[src]

Reva Connors during happier times

During Connors' marriage to Cage, the two opened a bar they decided to call Luke's; though the bar was named after Cage, Connors made sure that all of the paperwork reflected her ownership, ensuring that Cage did not have any paperwork to his name in case anyone should try to find him.[1]

Encounter with Kilgrave


Connors falls under Kilgrave's control

"Take care of her."
Kilgrave to Jessica Jones[src]

Connors had obtained a yellow USB stick[2] that contained footage from the childhood of Kilgrave and the experiments that his mother and father had performed on him;[3] she put it in a locked box and buried it. On January 20, 2014, Kilgrave had the enthralled Jessica Jones recover the box as he and Connors, whom he enthralled also, watch. The three then left the construction site and walked to the public sidewalk.[2]


Connors is killed by Jessica Jones

Connors turned and looked at Kilgrave as he told Jessica Jones to take care of her. Jones punched Connors in the chest with such force that the sound of breaking ribs could be heard as she flew through the air; when Connors landed, the back of her head smashed against the street. Jones walked over to the corpse and felt the blood as it poured from the back of her head.[4] Moments later, a bus flipped trying to avoid hitting Kilgrave and landed on the body of Connors, causing the driver, Charles Wallace to believe he killed Connors.[5]


"She died. Bus crash."
"I'm sorry."
Luke Cage and Jessica Jones[src]

Newspaper articles were written describing that Connors died in a bus accident; Jessica Jones kept the articles in a portfolio on the top shelf of a cupboard in the Alias Investigations Office.[5] Luke Cage kept a picture of Connors in the mirror in the bathroom of his apartment,[6][4] believing that Connors died in the bus accident. He would later seek revenge against Charles Wallace, the bus driver, for her death.[2] Kilgrave felt no remorse over the death of Connors, citing to Jones that he told her to "take care" of Connors, not to kill her; it is Jones who made the deadly interpretation.[3]






Appearances for Reva Connors

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  • In the comics, Reva Connors was a childhood friend of both Luke Cage and Willis Stryker, loving them both but ultimately choosing Cage. Stryker tried to frame Cage with stealing drugs from the Maggia, but they ultimately killed Connors in retaliation.
  • Luke claims Reva was a fan of Trish Talk.


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