"Don't worry, Rhonda; everything's gonna be just fine. We left you a tip."
Grant Ward[src]

Rhonda is a waitress in a diner.


"And what about you, handsome?"
"I think I'll try the pumpkin pancakes."
"Ooo, good choice! What about I grab you some pecan syrup while your friend makes up her mind."
―Rhonda and Grant Ward[src]

Rhonda was the waitress in a restaurant where Selwyn came to eat his dinner.

Rhonda took the orders of a woman with facial scars and a handsome man; while the woman was indecisive, Rhonda discussed serving the man pumpkin pancakes for dinner, even offering to bring pecan syrup.

Before Rhonda could return with the order, the couple jumped up with handguns, yelling for no one to move. The man shot the security camera; he then approached Rhonda and told her that he left her a tip. Rhonda witnessed them kidnap Selwyn and leave.[1]