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"Planning on doing some spells while Nico's out?"
―Robert Minoru to Tina Minoru[src]

Robert Minoru is the co-founder of Wizard and a member of PRIDE. He is the husband of Tina Minoru and the father of Amy and Nico Minoru.


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Robert Minoru is one of the more compassionate members of PRIDE, compared to his wife Tina. Warm and gentle, he is more supportive of Nico. Following the death of his eldest daughter Amy, Robert has had an icy relationship with Tina. While she is considerably more dominant over him, he intends on cheating on her with Janet Stein, especially since she has an abusive husband. Amy's death has also left Robert with a sense of guilt over not being able to protect her, one of the factors behind his willingness to sacrifice himself.


  • Bilingualism: Robert is fluent in both English and Japanese.



Other Equipment

  • Fistigons: Robert briefly brandished one of the Fistigons at Janet while justifying why he wanted to sacrifice himself.






  • In the comics, Robert Minoru was a dark wizard, who hid under the disguise of a pious and religious man. He and his wife were killed by the Gibborim.

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