"Do you like animals?"
"Your dad made this. It's a robin, like you."
Daisy Johnson and Robin Hinton[src]

Robin Hinton is the daughter of Charles and Polly Hinton.


In July 2015, Robin Hinton was abandoned by her Inhuman father, Charles, when she was 18 months old, as Terrigenesis had granted him the power to predict an individual's death upon physical touch, and the thought of being unable to hold his own daughter without giving her visions of death was unbearable.[1]

As Robin is a latent Inhuman, she and her mother, Polly, faced bigotry in their hometown. Knowing this, fellow Inhuman Daisy Johnson, who had promised Charles that she would protect Robin, provided the two with enough money to move and start a new life around people unaware of Robin's heritage.

Johnson met Robin and her mother, giving the carving of a robin her father had made, and directed them towards a friend of hers.[2]


As an Inhuman, Robin Hinton has the genetic potential to gain superhuman powers after undergoing Terrigenesis.





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