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Rock Trolls
Ulik (2)
Game Thor: God of Thunder
Comic Thor: The Dark World Prelude

The Rock Trolls are a race of trolls that lived on Nornheim.


The Rock Trolls are a race of creatures led by Ulik, the Unstoppable Troll. As part of his quest to make himself look like the ultimate and greatest hero of AsgardLoki sent his adoptive brother Thor to Nornheim, where Thor battled Ulik. Contrary to his plans went wrong, Loki was forced to aid his brother in activating Frostgrinder, the Troll equivalent of the Bifrost Bridge in order to escape, realizing Mangog was too powerful of an adversary.

Upon Thor's exit, Loki destroyed Frostgrinder to prevent the Trolls from retaliating.[1]

War of the RealmsEdit

When the Bifrost Bridge was destroyed, the Rock Trolls, having coveted the Dwarven Forges for many millenia, attacked Nidavellir, knowing that Asgard cannot come to defend King Eitri and his people. But using the power of the Tesseract, Asgard was able to rebild the bridge and come for Nidavellir aid, and so the Rock Trolls were defeted by Thor and the Asgardian army.[2]

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