"As you know, we made it out alive. And that's the important thing. I couldn't bear to lose a student on a school trip. Not again."
―Roger Harrington[src]

Roger Harrington is a science teacher at Midtown School of Science and Technology and the head of the school's Academic Decathlon Team.


Early Life

Harrington was once married to a poet writer named Tabitha. However, it was hard for Harrington to leave some space to his wife, and despite the couple trying marriage counseling, they ultimately got separated. Harrington had a hard time dealing with this breakup.[1]

While a teacher, Harrington lost a student during a school trip.[2]

Academic Decathlon Team

Peter Parker's Choice

Peter Parker came to see Harrington to inform him that he could not join the Midtown School of Science and Technology's Academic Decathlon Team for the national tournment in Washington, D.C., pretending that he should be available for his Stark internship.[2]

Trip to Washington D.C.

Peter Parker eventually changed his mind and joined the Academic Decathlon Team right before they left New York. Harrington enthusiastically welcomed him and informed Flash Thompson that he would leave his place to Parker. Harrington then took his team to Washington, D.C. for the national tournament.

Spider-Man saves Harrington, Liz & Ned

Roger Harrington is saved by Spider-Man

In order to celebrate the Decathlon Team's victory in the nationals, albeit without Parker who had departed the night before the tournament, Harrington took his students to the top of the Washington Monument. While they were in the lift, there was a mysterious burst of energy which damaged the elevator. Harrington tried to have all his students escape the elevator, but the cabin ultimately free fell in the shaft with Harrington, Ned Leeds and Liz Toomes still in it. The fall was averted by Spider-Man, who took Harrington and the other students to safety at the top at the Monument. Harrington thanked Spider-Man as he fell in the shaft when his web string broke. [2]

Back to Midtown

Harrington returned his students to Midtown School of Science and Technology. He was interviewed by some students for the School's TV channel and declared that he was relieved as he would not bear losing a student on a school trip once again. Harrington also reported Parker's multiple absences, which led Parker into detention.[2]

New Captain

Midtown Debate Club Meeting

Roger Harrington congratulates his team

Harrington congratulated his Decathlon Team for their victory in the nationals. With Liz Toomes leaving Midtown School of Science and Technology following her father's arrest, Harrington appointed Michelle Jones as the new captain of the Academic Decathlon Team.[2]


Harrington is a serious and reliable teacher who strongly supports his Academic Decathlon Team. He knew which elements of the team were the best and did not hesitate to replace Flash Thompson with Peter Parker once the latter joined back the team.

Harrington cares about the well-being of his students, and tried to ensure that every one of them was safe when they were endangered in the Washington Monument before he could exit the elevator himself. Back to New York, Harrington expressed considerable relief at the idea that all the students had been unharmed during the accident.






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