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"All alone..."
Marcus Scarlotti[src]

The Rope Dart Knife is the personal weapon of Marcus Scarlotti, a chain whip with a knife at its end.


Cornered by Melinda May as he attempted to escape her team's infiltration of a S.H.I.E.L.D. safehouse he and his mercenaries were occupying in Bruges, Marcus Scarlotti revealed his Rope Dart Knife to fight her. During the battle, May was disarmed by Scarlotti when he targeted her weapon and forced her to evade his weapon as Scarlotti skillfully threw it.

Eventually the weapon became stuck in a wall, allowing May to grab it and break off the blade's tip. May then used the tip as a standard knife, attempting to stab the mercenary. The two struggled until Scarlotti thought he had the upper hand, choking May. She used the rope part of the weapon to entangle her opponent before she knocked him unconscious.[1]



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