"Considering this will be your home for the foreseeable future, perhaps you should start decorating."
"It takes more than six walls to hold me."
"We're in a cube, Peggy."
Dottie Underwood and Peggy Carter[src]

Rosemary's was a women's dress shop which is a front for a secret FBI Prison.


Breaking out Dottie Underwood

Unexpected Visit

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Peggy visits Dottie's cell

Peggy Carter came to Dottie Underwood's cell under the guise of Doctor Katherine Wexford, Underwood's psychiatrist. Alone, Underwood noted that Carter was showing signs of being in pain and stated she was in need of her help since the agent had come to her cell under a false identity. Carter admitted she had come to free Underwood for a mission and proceed to tell her she would handle the on duty guard and once she was out that she needed to go the right. Before she left, Carter gave Dottie a magnet which was powerful to unlock her cell door.[1]

Captured Again

After Carter left, Underwood used the magnet to unlock her cell door and escaped her cell. In the hall, she found the unconscious guard and hurried down the hall and out the building. Once outside on the street, Dottie looked around and then headed to her right instead to the left as Peggy had instructed. She turned down an alley beside the building and came face to face with a waiting Peggy and Daniel. Dottie was then caught in a net fired from a net gun by Sousa and was incapacitated by an electrical shock by Carter.[1]