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"It was only a matter of time before this happened. We can no longer pretend like the Inhuman threat doesn't exist. Each and every one of them is a lethal weapon and now those weapons are aimed directly at us. Make no mistake; this is an act of war. Unless we take a stand and fight back now while we can, we will be complicit in our own extinction."
―Ellen Nadeer[src]

Ellen Nadeer is a United States Senator from New York who is very outspoken in her distrust of Inhumans and the threat she believes they pose to society. She was also affiliated with the Watchdogs.


Early Life

Battle of New York

Inhuman Outbreak

After the Inhuman Outbreak, Ellen Nadeer began to view the emerging Inhumans as a threat to humanity, and thus affiliated herself with the anti-Inhuman organisation Watchdogs.[citation needed]

Discrediting Inhumans

Blackout Attack

During the Blackout Attack, which her allies in the Watchdogs caused in order to discredit the Inhumans, she took the opportunity to address the event in television, and to turn the public opinion aganist the Inhumans even further, claiming that if the regular humans didn't fight against Inhumans, the humans risked their own extinction.

After S.H.I.E.L.D.-operatives found evidence that it was the Watchdogs which caused the blackouts with EMP-devices, Nadeer claimed on television that S.H.I.E.L.D could not be trusted, because the terrorist organisation HYDRA has infiltrated them before.

During a visit to Vijay's home, one of her contacts in the Watchdogs informed her that they managed to kill 17 Inhumans during the chaos caused by the blackouts. She complimented the efforts, and requested that they call her again later, in order to give her more details. As she departed her brothers home, she told Vijay, still undergoing Terrigenesis, that she would leave the TV on, in order to entertain him.[citation needed]

Live Debate

Vijay Nadeer's Awakening

Betraying her Brother

"S.H.I.E.L.D. isn't going away. We need to strike back."
"I can assemble a team."
"That won't be necessary. I think it's time the Superior sends some men of his own. I trust they'll be able to get the job done. But there is one thing I still need from you... get rid of the body."
―Ellen Nadeer and Terrence Shockley[src]






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  • Senator Nadeer was credited as "Rota Nadeer" in the episode Uprising, but her full name was confirmed to be "Ellen Nadeer" in the episode Lockup.


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