"You could kill me. That would be easy for you. But my Russian friends from Brighton Beach would have no qualms shooting up school yards and taking out whole families, Moscow style, if you did that. We make too much money together."
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The Russian Mafia is a russian criminal organization based in New York City.


The Russian Mafia leaders Vladimir and Anatoly Ranskahov was recruited by Wilson Fisk to transport Steel Serpent produced by Madame Gao and deliver kidnapped people to customers. During one of operations to transporting a group of women, Turk Barrett and several russians was attacked by mystery man in the mask who defeated mobsters and made women free.[1]

To entice Masked Man, Russians beaten up one of Hell's Kitchen citizens and kidnapped his son. They set up a false location for the Masked Man to follow, allowing them to attack him and beat him nearly to death. He escaped, so the Ranskahovs sent Semyon to find him. He was captured and interrogated by Masked Man. He came to Troika Restaurant, beaten all russians and saved boy.[2]

After assassination of Prohaszka, orhestrated by Fisk, Russian Mafia bought his taxi company Kitchen Cab and absorbed into Veles Taxi.[3]

Ranskahov brothers went to hospitalized Semyon and gave him a shot of epinephrine. When he awoke, he informed them about Claire Temple as a link with Masked Man. They sent Sergei to her apartment and he kidnapped her. When they back at Veles Taxi Garage, Sergei began torturing Temple and demanding to know the location and identity of the Masked Man, but Temple continued to deny any knowledge of this. Before he could continue torturing Temple, Murdock came to the garage beaten up Sergei and all thugs and saved Temple. Vladimir and Anatoly returned to the garage and discovered the incident. Knowing their organization in danger, Anatoly chose to accept Fisk's offer for a buyout, despite Vladimir's reservations. However, Anatoly was killed by Fisk because he made him look bad in the eyes of Vanessa Marianna.[4] The next day, Vladimir was informed that russians found Anatoly. They brought hiss corpse into the room and inside his brother's jacket, they found the black mask. That leaded them to believe that the Masked Man was responsible for Anatoly's murder.

Later, Vladimir learned from Barrett that Fisk can be responsible for Anatoly's death. He ordered his men to get all their weapons ready to go to war against their former employer. In turn, Fisk found that russians become too dangerous and he must to get rid of them. Before Vladimir could call the rest of his men and they could leave, they spotted one of Gao's blind delivery man arriving in the warehouse. Several similar men was sent by Fisk to all russians' locations as suicide bombers and they detonated, destroying the location and killing multiple gangsters.[5] Survivors was executed by corrupt police officers who worked on Fisk, and eventually they killed Vladimir.[6]

However, Russian Mafia continued their criminal activity. They renewed their cooperation with Madame Gao and agreed to carry Steel Serpent exclusively, which covers most Hand's actives of Lower Manhattan and New Jersey.[7] Also, russians began to work with Rosalie Carbone and her crime organization.[8]


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