The Russian Mafia was a russian criminal organization based in New York City.


Working with Wilson Fisk


Vladimir Ranskahov threatens James Wesley

The Russian Mafia was founded by criminal brothers Vladimir and Anatoly Ranskahov. Brothers was recruited by Wilson Fisk to transport heroin produced by Madame Gao and deliver kidnapped people to customers. During one of operations to transporting a group of women, Turk Barrett and several russianss was attacked by mystery man in the mask who defeated mobsters and made women free. Later, Barrett told brothers about this and they explained that to Fisk's other associates, Madame Gao, Leland Owlsley and Nobu Yoshioka.[1]


Masked Man fights all the Russian mobsters

Russians kidnapped a young boy to entice Masked Man. Ranskahov and his men beat up the boy's father before putting the child in their van and driving away, leaving the father too badly injured to move. The Ranskahov's set up a false location of the boy for the Masked Man to follow, allowing them to attack him and beat him nearly to death. He escaped, so the Ranskahovs sent Semyon to find him. Seymon was captured and questioned by him and after getting the information he came to Troika Restaurant, beaten all russians and saved boy.[2]

After murder of Prohaszka, orhestrated by Fisk, russians bought his taxi company Kitchen Cab and absorbed into Veles Taxi.

Masked Man


Anatoly Ranskahov visits Semyon in hospital

During Masked Man's attacks Fisk began to lose confidence in russians. In order to find him Ranskahovs went to hospitalized Semyon gave him a shot of epinephrine; when he awoke, they asked him if he could give them any information to help them find their enemy. Before death he told them address of a woman who had been with the masked man. They sent Sergei to her apartmaent and he kidnapped her. When they back at Veles Taxi Garage, Sergei began torturing Temple and demanding to know the location and identity of the Masked Man, but Temple continued to deny any knowledge of the man's name or where he was. Dmitry reminded him of Vladimir Ranskahov's orders for her to be kept alive until they had the information they needed from her; knowing how dangerous and ruthless the Ranskahovs could be, Sergei relented.


Vladimir Ranskahov checks on Sergei wounds

Before Sergei could continue torturing Temple, Masked Man finally come to her aid. Sergei's men were attacked and knocked out by their attacker. Seeking to defend himself, Sergei grabbed Temple and held her at gunpoint. Masked Man was able to attack Sergei and broke his hand before Temple knocked him. Shortly after the incident, Vladimir and Anatoly returned to the garage and discovered the wreckage left behind by the skirmish. Vladimir went over to Sergei, who was still too weak to stand due to his broken hand and a head injury, and demanded to know what had happened, so Sergei confessed that it was the Masked Man who had attacked them. Knowing their organisation was in danger, Anatoly chose to accept Wilson Fisk's offer for a buyout, despite Vladimir's reservations.[3]

Anatoly's Mistake


Anatoly Ranskahov accepts Fisk's offer

Ranskahov arrived at the restaurant where Wilson Fisk was having dinner with Vanessa Marianna. He stormed past Fisk's guards and yelled at him that he and his brother had chosen to accept his offer. Fisk seemingly did not listen and swiftly exited the restaurant with Marianna, telling Ranskahov that he would speak to him about the matter at another time and whispering something to Wesley on his way out. Wesley then ordered Ranskahov to wait in the car to speak to Fisk about the deal.

Anatoly Ranskahov-head-crushed

Anatoly Ranskahov is killed by Wilson Fisk

As they drove along in Fisk's limo, Ranskahov explained how Sergei had failed to get any information from Claire Temple and attempted to assure James Wesley that his intentions were simply to inform Fisk that his offer had been accepted and he was sorry for causing him embarrassment with his date with Vanessa Marianna, which Wesley seemed to accept as a valid apology. Without warning, Fisk pulled Ranskahov from the car and began brutally beating him. Ranskahov attempted to defend himself, but was beaten by Fisk. He put Anatoly's head between the door of the car and leaving him as nothing more than a bloody headless corpse.

War with Fisk


Vladimir Ranskahov learns his brother is dead

The next day, Vladimir was informed that they men found Anatoly. They brought Anatoly's corpse into the room; Ranskahov saw that his brother's head had been crushed to the point of complete removal. Inside his brother's jacket, they found the man in black's mask, leading them to believe that the Masked Man was responsible for Anatoly's murder.[4]

Daredevil Piotr

Piotr is questioned by the Masked Man

Piotr and a small team of Russian mobsters were transporting one of Madame Gao's blind workers to a warehouse they were suddenly attacked by the Masked Man, who quickly defeated the men, although blind worker was accidentally killed by a gunshot. Eventually only Piotr and the Masked Man were left standing, as he began to question Piotr he begged for his life, terrified that the man would cut off his head like he did to Anatoly. Before the man could get anymore information out of Piotr, the police arrived and arrested Piotr while the man escaped. Piotr was questioned by detectives Christian Blake and Carl Hoffman, who claimed that Piotr couldn't possibly have any useful information. Desperate for a deal to get his freedom, Piotr offered the detectives the name of the man in charge. The detectives seemed to accept this but the moment Piotr said the name Wilson Fisk, they told Piotr he shouldn't have given up Fisk's name before killing Piotr.

Vladamier while cleaning his brothers body

Turk Barrett goes to visit Vladimir Ranskahov

Later, Ranskahov asked Turk Barrett what he knew about the man who killed Anatoly; Barrett revealed that a mechanic he knew, had had a black SUV come to his shop for cleaning covering in blood and brains. Barrett revealed that the car belonged to a large bald man who was most likely Fisk; he also claimed that Fisk was close to the Masked Man. With this information Ranskahov was convinced that Fisk was working with him and had organized the murder of Anatoly.


The Russians prepare to go to war

Ranskahov ordered his men to get all their weapons ready to go to war against his former employer. Before he could call the rest of his men and they could leave, they spotted one of Madame Gao's blind delivery men arriving in the warehouse. They questioned if they were expecting any more deliveries but witnessed the man lifting up a detonator. With just enough time to react, Ranskahov and his body-guard dived for cover as the blind man detonated a bomb, destroying the hideout and killing all of Ranskahov's soldiers.


Christian Blake and Carl Hoffman find victims

Ranskahov and Sergei barely survived the explosion and managed to make their way from the burning building. Before they could escape however they were ambushed by the Masked Man; before he could strike the police arrived. However, they where shown to be corrupt, as they where there to execute them all. The man in the mask was able to defeat the incoming police, but during the fight Ranskahov was shot in the side and when they left, Sergei was killed by one of the officers.

After death of Vladimir and execution of last of russians, Russian Mafia recognized destroyed.[5]





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