"Years later, I was in Rwanda trying to help local churches provide aid and sanctuary to refugees. I'd become close with the village elder, Gahiji."
―Father Lantom[src]

Rwanda, officially the Republic of Rwanda, is a sovereign state in central and east Africa.


Rwanda's Devil

Father Lantom traveled to Rwanda as a missionary during the time of the Rwandan Genocide, with the intention of helping local churches provide aid and sanctuary to refugees. During his time in Rwanda Lantom became close friends with the elder of the village he was staying, Gahiji. Gahiji and his family were respected in his village, by both the Hutu and the Tutsi, because he helped them all through famines and diseases.

The Hutu militias liked to forced Hutu villagers to murder their Tutsi neighbors, usually using machetes to brutally kill them. However, no villager ever raised a hand against Gahiji, not wanting to kill a holy man.

On one day the leader of one of the many militias, sent soldiers to the village and ordered them to cut off Gahiji's head in front of the entire village. Gahiji did not resist, and only asked for a chance to say goodbye to his family. Once he ended, even the soldiers were reluctant to kill Gahiji, and asked their commander for permission to shoot him and give him a quick death.

The commander, intrigued, wanted to meet Gahiji, out of curiosity for meeting a man who had won the respect of so many. Gahiji and the commander talked for many hours. However, when they were finished, the commander dragged Gahiji outside and hacked him and his entire family to pieces in front of his village.

Lantom, who witnessed this brutal murder, believed he saw the Devil himself in that man who killed Gahiji.[1]


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