"Didn't you hear? Chief finally asked his girl to marry him."

Ryan was an agent of the Auerbach Theatrical Agency branch of the Strategic Scientific Reserve.


The Party

Ryan was an agent of the Strategic Scientific Reserve who served under Chief Daniel Sousa in the Auerbach Theatrical Agency branch.

One day, the agents learned that Sousa proposed to his girlfriend Violet and gathered to eat pie to celebrate. While Sousa told the story of how he had lost the ring before proposing, Agents Ryan and Vega gathered around him to listen. Peggy Carter entered the gathering and asked what was occurring; Ryan told Carter the reason for the celebration while Vega teased Sousa. He continued to eat as Sousa and Carter stepped away to talk.[1]


A few days later, Ryan noticed that Daniel Sousa was obviously in pain when he entered the upper level of the Auerbach Theatrical Agency; Ryan asked Sousa if he was alright, but the chief said nothing. Ryan watched as he walked towards his office.[2]