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"I've spent years, in a haze, trying to forget my past. Sakaar seemed like the best place to drink, and to forget, and to die. One day."

Sakaar is an artificial planet created by the Grandmaster. It is the homeworld of the Sakaarans and many other species stranded on the planet from different part of the cosmos.[1][2]


Trapped on Sakaar

"You're on a planet surrounded by doorways. Go through one."
"Which one?"
"The big one!"
Heimdall and Thor[src]

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Escaping Sakaar

"So, Sakaar and Asgard are about as far apart as any two systems. Our best bet's the one right outside city limits. We can land in Xandar, and we should be back in Asgard in about... eighteen months?"

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Known Prisoners


  • In the comics, Sakaar was near a single wormhole called the Great Portal. Hulk was exiled to Sakaar by the Illuminati, where he became a powerful gladiator and led an uprising against the Red King, the ruler of the planet.
  • There is no vegetation on Sakaar, although different mushroom cultures grows on the waste plains.[2]
  • The buildings of Sakaar are made up of an assortment of scrap metals.

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