"You know, it's kind of hard to trust someone when you don't know who that someone really is."
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"Have you seen Frederick lately?"
"No. I heard that after that incident with the gasoline, he had to answer to the Baron."
"Do you think he was sent to the dungeon?"
"That would be a mercy compared to the Baron's Satan Claw. I've seen him flay the flesh from men's faces with it. Like strips of bacon..."
―HYDRA Operatives[src]

The Satan Claw was a mechanical gauntlet used in hand to hand combat by Wolfgang von Strucker during World War II.


During the course of World War II, HYDRA leader Baron Wolfgang von Strucker pushed HYDRA scientists to develop advance weaponry for his personal use. As a result of their work, HYDRA created a powerful weapon that would be known as the Satan Claw. The Satan Claw was a mechanical gauntlet worn on an individual’s right arm and hand. When worn, the gauntlet magnified the strength of the wearer's right hand and emitted powerful electrical shocks. The Claw also insulated the wearer from the electrical shocks.[1]

To help support the Claw and its electrical components, the Claw was attached to a metal support pad which covered the wearer's right shoulder which was strapped across his chest. The pad was decorated with a stylized version of the HYDRA symbol.[1]

In 1944, Strucker wore the Satan Claw when he battled Captain America in hand to hand combat. Despite the power of the Claw, Strucker was eventually defeated by the Captain. Just as the tower where the two had been fighting was about to be hit by an incoming plane, Strucker rushed at the Captain and pushed both of them out of the tower before it was destroyed. Strucker was able to knock-out Captain America before they hit the ground.[1]


  • In various medias, the Satan Claw has had a number of different powers. It also appeared in different shapes. In the comics, it was just a mechanical gauntlet while in The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes, the Claw was a cybernetic implant attached to the stump on Strucker's right hand to be used instead of the missing lower arm. The Claw could be used to drain the life force of other people and allow Strucker to become young again.



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