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"The world is full of people seeking change, hoping to become something else, something better."

Schneider was the best man at Pete and Mariah Leitner's wedding.


Early Life

"I've got two words for ya: "Tijuana, '09.""

Schneider had many exploits with his best friend, Pete Leitner. He was surprised at his decision to join the Navy, especially after the time they had in Tijuana in 2009. Ultimately, Schneider supported Leitner's decision because it changed him for the better.

When Leitner asked Mariah to marry him, Schneider was Pete's best man.[1]

The Toast

"So everyone raise your glasses to Pete and Mariah, the Leitners."

At the wedding of Pete and Mariah Leitner, that was attended by many of Pete's Naval colleagues, Schneider gave a toast where he joked about Pete's life and choices. He jokingly questioned the Navy's recruitment policies and brought up Tijuana, which caused some of the soldiers there to frown.[1]


Unknown to the attendees, the wait staff were agents of HYDRA who had spiked the champagne with a chemical that was meant to duplicate the power of the Diviner. As Schneider drank the wine, parts of his face became petrified. He fell from the podium and died, unable to breath.[1]