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"Go to Empire State University. Sterns has a device that should clean up the contamination."
Rick Jones to Hulk[src]

The Scrubber was a device created by Samuel Sterns to absorb chemical contamination.


After the Enclave detonated several chemical bombs in downtown New York City, Samuel Sterns created the Scrubber to clean up the contamination. Once it was ready, Rick Jones alerted the Hulk who traveled to Empire State University to collect it. Sterns advised him to set it down in a contaminated area and give it time to work, and to bring it back once all of the contaminated zones had been cleared. The Hulk brought the Scrubber to each of these areas and absorbed the contamination, facing resistance from the Enclave. Once all of the contamination had been cleared, Hulk returned it to Empire State University. Sterns placed it in a containment device, where it exploded.[1]