"I serve the one who called me here. Without question. Without doubt. With a desire to serve until death."

Scythe is a master martial artist loyal to the Hand, and one of the warriors the Iron Fist faced at the Madame Gao's Da Jue Zhan. In their battle, Scythe was eventually bested by the Iron Fist.


Da Jue Zhan

Invitation to Fight


Scythe mocks a room full of his victims

Scythe was performing a karaoke version of A-ha's "Take On Me" after killing an entire room full of men. He then strangled the last victim with the microphone cord. After killing the man, he was approached by a servant carrying an invitation to Madame Gao's Da Jue Zhan. Scythe looked at the message and said "The time has come."[1]

Showdown with Iron Fist

"Would you like to choose a weapon?"
"I am the weapon."
"Really? Because weapons don't feel pain. They are meant for one thing and one thing only. To be used by their master."
―Scythe and Iron Fist[src]

The Iron Fist had to fight with Scythe as the Third Challange of the Da Jue Zhan, after defeating Andrei VeznikovGrigori Veznikov and the Bride of Nine Spiders. After insulting Rand, Scythe offered him to choose a weapon, before engaging in the fight. He showed high proficiency using numerous Japanese weapons like the Naginata and a Scythe, but was ultimatly overpowered by Rand, who used the Iron Fist to destroy Scythe's weapon and knock him unconscious.[1]


  • Master Martial Artist: Scythe is highly skilled, and employs a mixed martial arts style that derives elements of Muay ThaiCapoeira and Okinawan martial arts, such as Naginata fighting. He is a formidable combatant even without his weapons.
  • Multilingual: He speaks his native Japanese, and English fluently.


  • Naginata: Scythe choose a naginata to fight Iron Fist in their duel, but his weapon was destroyed by his opponent.
  • Scythe: As his name suggests, he uses a double bladed scythe as his weapon of choice during the Da Jue Zhan and wields it with much proficiently.
  • Armored Suit: Scythe wears a motorcycle jacket with embeded protectors during his fight against Iron Fist. He was able to withstand multiple kicks and punches from Rand, thanks to the protectors.





  • In the comics, Scythe was a bounty hunter who sought to collect a bounty placed on Iron Fist's head by Harold Meachum. His signature weapon was a chained scythe that was able to harness the Iron Fist's Chi.

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