"You can't trust nobody in a place like this."
"'Cause you used to be a cop?"
"I ain't the first cop to do time. And I ain't ever sent nobody to Seagate, so I ain't got that problem. But trust in places like this... sets you up for failure."
Carl Lucas and Reva Connors[src]

Seagate Prison is a private penal facility in the United States of America.


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Notorious Prisoners

"Bloody hell, it's not exactly the Ritz, is it."
Trevor Slattery on Seagate Prison[src]
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Trevor Slattery arrives in Seagate Prison

Justin Hammer was arrested and sent to prison for his collaboration with Ivan Vanko in the attack at the Stark Expo.[1] Trevor Slattery was later imprisoned in Seagate after being convicted for his part in the crimes commited by A.I.M. and Aldrich Killian. [2] Inside the prison, Slattery finally found the fame and notoriety he had always sought, gathering a strong and supportive fan-base amongst many of the inmates.

Justin Hammer in jail

Justin Hammer with his prison boyfriend

Although other prisoners did not respect him, as he was not even a real criminal. However, inmates such as Herman, whom Slattery appointed as his personal butler, protected and followed his orders as if he were a celebrity. Hammer was also jealous of Slattery's fame, arguing that while he had an army of robots, Slattery only has a "dumb accent".[3]

Kidnapping of Trevor Slattery

The real leader of the Ten Rings, the man that holds the real title of The Mandarin, ordered his followers to kidnap Trevor Slattery and bring the actor to his presence.

Jackson Norriss, a member of the Ten Rings, infiltrated Seagate Prison disguised as documentary maker to interview Slattery. To maintain his cover, Norriss did a lot of research about Slattery's life and interviewed him many times, talking about the role of Aldrich Killian as his employer and the logistics of Killian's plan in creating an amalgam warlord.

On the last day of his interview, Norriss wanted to wrap out his film asking about the real Trevor Slattery, bringing him documents about his past, such as a photograph with his mother when he was a kid, and his role as a main character in a rejected TV pilot.

When Norriss asked about the possibility that the Ten Rings or the Mandarin himself could be angered by his portrayal, Slattery was surprised to learn that the terrorists were real, as he previously thought that they were another aspect of the role A.I.M. created for him.

While relating the history of the Mandarin, Norriss retrieved a handgun he had concealed inside his videocamera, immediately killing the guards of the prison. Herman, who was accompanying Slattery during the interview, attacked Norriss, surviving his initial shot and fighting until Norriss was able to stab Herman in the neck.

Trevor picked one of the guns from the corpse of a guard, and was able to aim it at Norriss before being disarmed. After regaining control of the situation, Norriss revealed that he was sent to break Slattery out of prison and take him to the presence of the Mandarin, extracting him while causing explosions and massive riots inside the prison.[3]





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