"You are the others, and as quiet as it's kept, the challenges you are facing are the greatest mankind has ever known. Plus, most of you are broke. Oh sorry, rather you were. As of this moment, every student has been made an equal recipient of the inaugural September Foundation Grant. As in all of your projects have just been approved and funded. No strings, no taxes, just... reframe the future!"
―Tony Stark to the assembled MIT students[src]

The September Foundation is a program by Tony Stark to fund schools and young prodigies in their education.


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"Go break some eggs!"
―Tony Stark to the assembled MIT students[src]

At MIT, Tony Stark demonstrated a piece of technology aimed to recreate and relive old memories, and announced the September Foundation Grant to the assembled students, much to their delight.[1]

Peter Parker

Peter talks to Tony and May

Peter talks to Tony and Aunt May.

"Does this grant have any money involved?"
"Yeah, it's pretty well funded. I mean, look who you're talking to."
Peter Parker and Tony Stark[src]

Tony Stark eventually tracked down Peter Parker and lied to Parker's Aunt May about offering her nephew the grant. When Peter came home, he was caught off-guard and speechless about meeting his biggest idol and was confused when Stark told his aunt that Stark Industries planned to give Parker a sizable grant that Stark manages for gifted students (claiming that Parker had signed up for it), which was actually a pretense for Stark to meet Parker.