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"I'm at the Birch Psychiatric Hospital. Uh, I need your help."
"Why would you come to me for help?"
"You're the only person I know in New York who doesn't want to kill me or put me in a mental hospital."
"Then I might want to rethink that."
"No, listen. I'm not crazy, okay? They drugged me. They, they... they brought me here against my will. You saw me being attacked the other night. You know there's something going on."
Danny Rand and Colleen Wing[src]

Shadow Hawk Takes Flight is the second episode of the first season of the Netflix exclusive television series Iron Fist.


Danny struggles with his new surroundings, Colleen dishes out a harsh lesson and Joy sends an unconventional message.


What If... Coulson
"This is not okay!"
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Danny Rand meditated in a room at Birch Psychiatric Hospital. His mind continued to bring back flashbacks of the crash, and upon opening his eyes, found Doctor Paul Edmonds sitting by his bedside. When asked if he had awakened him, Rand answered that he was meditating; Rand requested that he unstrapped him from the bed. After confirmation that he would behave, Edmonds removed the larger strap that bound Rand's chest before evaluating him. Questioning him about his identity and his background, the patient responded that he was Danny Rand and that he and his family had crashed in the mountains. He went on into detail that he was cold in the blizzard and went searching to verify their plane had crashed. Discovering the pilots to be dead, Rand journeyed to cockpit, where he found Wendell Rand dead. He also reported that he had no clue where his mother Heather Rand was but pushed to survive the weather. Rand told the doctor that he soon found himself looking at two warrior monks, Chodak and Tashi. Edmonds wanted to change the subject and asked if he was John Anderson of Toronto, Canada. At first, Rand questioned this; upon seeing the passport, he denied that he knew of it. In disbelief, Edmonds reminded Rand that if he wished to be released from the hospital, he would need to be truthful before leaving the room. Frustrated, Rand struggled to free himself of the belt straps.


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Song title Artist Location(s)
Medication Time Trevor Morris
Circus Bribe Trevor Morris
Circus Was in Town Trevor Morris
  • Dr. Paul Edmonds calls Joy Meachum to confirm Danny Rand's story about going to the circus after shooting the 'We Are Rand' commercial which she does verify but he refuses to tell her information about Danny's case.
Danny Boy David Wenham
Gao DIY Trevor Morris
  • Harold Meachum commands Kyle to research the "Iron Fist", then sees a message on the outside of his window asking 'Where did you go?' (referencing his leaving of the penthouse earlier to see Danny).
M&M Delivery Trevor Morris
The Iron Fist Trevor Morris
  • Danny Rand is placed in a room inside of a straitjacket with three men hired by Ward Meachum to send him a message and no way to defend himself, and after taking a beating he begins to fight back, breaks out of the room and then out of the psychiatric hospital using the 'iron fist'.



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