"What, or, uh, who is Shou-Lao?"
"A dragon."
"Okay. Wow. Dragons aren't real."
"Why would you think that?"
"Okay, you mean, like a small thing, like a komodo dragon? Or like Pete's Dragon?"
"I don't... I don't know who Pete is. But think infinite."
Claire Temple and Davos[src]

Shou-Lao is the mythical dragon of K'un-Lun and the origin of the Iron Fist power. When Danny Rand defeated him by punching his molten heart, Shou-Lao made him the new Iron Fist.


"You desecrate Shou-Lao."
"You punched him in the heart."
Iron Fist and Madame Gao[src]

Before 1948, a man defeated Shou-Lao and became the Iron Fist.[1]

Danny Rand was chosen by the Order of the Crane Mother to become the new Iron Fist. In his last trial, Rand defeated Shou-Lao and was granted the power of the Iron Fist.[2]

"I want the big one."
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Powers and Abilities


  • Dragon Physiology: Shou-Lao is a dragon. Dragons are an ancient race of mythical reptiles that possess vast abilities. 
    • Flight: As a dragon, Shou-Lao has wings with which he is able to fly. 
    • Power Imbuing: After being subdued, Shou-Lao grants the powers of the Iron Fist to its defeater who has to punch his molten heart. From that point, they can summon the Iron Fist by harnessing their chi, and augment their physical and mental capabilities.
    • Immortality: Shou-Lao is able to regenerate himself after multiple deaths, thus granting him the title of "the Undying".




Appearances for Shou-Lao

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  • In the comics, Shou-Lao the Undying is a mythical dragon and the source of power in K'un-Lun, but also for the Iron Fist.

Behind the Scenes

  • Finn Jones revealed in an interview with Yahoo that Shou-Lao was not shown onscreen due to budgetary constraints: "I'd love to have the budget for these shows to have a full-on Game of Thrones style dragon. But unfortunately you know, we have budget restraints. That's the nature of the show."[3]


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