"Maria always cooked. Yeah, it was, you know, it was old-school. Turkey, all that. But... there was always ziti. Yeah. Meatballs, sauce. Her, uh, her grandma came over from Sicily, so she... she knew what she was doing."
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Sicily is the largest island in the Mediterranean Sea. It is an autonomous region of Italy, in Southern Italy along with surrounding minor islands.


World War II

At the beginning of World War II, Sicily was controlled by the Axis. However, by September 1943, the Allied forces managed to free the island.[1]

Sicilian Mission

John Garrett was assigned on an undercover mission in Sicily, getting involved in a gunfire without backup from the Sicilian team. Garrett dropped through a skylight and shot every enemy, running out of ammo before killing the final opponent. Garrett used a flare gun as an improvised weapon, surprising the enemy once the flare hit his chest.[2]

Over the years, this mission became one of the stories that Garrett usually told about his field missions. Phil Coulson, who was also present during the whole mission, told him that it didn't occured as Garrett told, as Garrett changed some of the events to make a better story.[3]


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