Silke is an associate of Roscoe Sweeney.


Corrupt Boxing

Bribing Jack Murdock


Silke and Roscoe Sweeney bribe Murdock

Silke and Roscoe Sweeney meet Jack Murdock at Fogwell's Gym where they informed Murdock that they had been able to secure a fight between him and Carl "Crusher" Creel. Murdock was delighted at the chance to fight such a highly regarded boxer but was saddened to learn that Sweeney needed Murdock to go down in the fifth round. Although Murdock was reluctant, they were able to convince him that the money would be worth it so he could provide for his son. Despite still be reluctant, Murdock agreed.

Murdock had a change of heart however and during the fight he was able to beat Creel. Before he could escape, Roscoe Sweeney's men, most likely including Silke, tracked him down and murdered him.[1]





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