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"I know how disorienting it must be to to wake up and find yourself in a place like this. But trust me, we're here to help. And I think I know exactly how. You need to kill yourself. It's really the only solution for any of us. I mean, look, I have tried four times, and they keep saving me. Do it now, while you have a chance."
―Simon to Danny Rand[src]

Simon is a patient at Birch Psychiatric Hospital.


Simon is a patient at Birch Psychiatric Hospital when Danny Rand is admitted to the facility. He was committed to the hospital in 2014 after an incident at a pharmacy, and was diagnosed as bipolar with mixed affective episodes layered atop a substance abuse disorder. At first, he poses as a member of the staff and attempts to kill Danny with a fork before being stopped by Nurse Smith and some orderlies. Later, he is assigned by Joe the orderly to be Danny's "Tour Guide."[1]



  • Danny Rand - Attempted Victim turned Friend and Former Patient