"You look like Danny Rand. Danny Rand is dead. Maybe the truth is somewhere in between."
Joy Meachum to Danny Rand[src]

Snow Gives Way is the first episode of the first season of the Netflix exclusive television series Iron Fist.


After being declared dead 15 years earlier, Danny Rand returns to New York City. But his welcome is a far cry from what he'd hoped.


Just after returning to the city, Danny Rand, when trying to meet Rand Enterprises co-founder Harold Meachum is told by his childhood friends Ward and Joy Meachum, who fail to recognize him that their father has been dead since 12 years succumbing to cancer. As Danny Rand and his family has been recorded as dead for 15 years, not believing in what Danny is saying, they have him thrown out and warning him to never come back.

Danny has frequent flashbacks to the flight accident remembering his parents.

Not giving up, Danny tries going to his old home which he breaks in through the balcony only to find out that though not much has changed, the place is now owned by Joy. He remembers a moment in the past where the three friends were playing and Ward bullies Danny and wrongly blames him to his parents Wendell and Heather Rand. He silences a barking dog with meditation and locks the door and leaves as soon as he sees Joy returning.

With no place to go, Danny finds a place in the park to spend the night. where he befriends another homeless named Big Al. The next day morning, he encounters Joy before leaving for office and tries to make her believe him but fails and she figures out he broke in realizing he locked up the dog. Seeing her scared, Danny tries to leave and just as a car was about to hit him, he flips into the air to avoid it.

Later, when meditating in the park his attention draws towards an Asian girl, Colleen Wing, putting up posters for Martial Arts classes. Trying to ask her if he could find a job at the same place he shows his fluency in Mandarin and Japanese, but she upright dismisses his plea.

Joy shares her experience and doubts about Danny to Ward who reminds her that he is either a lunatic or a fake who is trying to stop their company from expanding as the ruling 51% shares are named after Danny Rand.

Later that night, Danny tries to confront Ward at a parking lot by forcefully getting into the driving seat and taking off. When Ward asks what he wants, Danny demands to know what happened in the past to which Ward only states the flight accident happening over the Himalayas and neither the plane nor bodies being found later. Ward dismisses Danny's claim on who he is as he can not show any proof, DNA or fingerprint, of his true heritage. After disarming Ward of a gun he attempted to threaten him with, Danny narrates stories about his bullying years ago, Ward panics and claims them to be not true. Danny becomes enraged, nearly driving the car off the roof of the building, before leaving.

Big Al brings Danny food and they have a tiny conversation about the purpose in life. Danny then goes to the dojo of Martial Arts by Colleen and explains to her that he is skilled, trained at K'un-Lun and requests an opportunity to present them in a duel. As she dismisses him again, he leaves to be confronted by a group of armed men trying to kill him. In a fight and run chase, Danny defeats the three members and realizes that the attacker is Shannon, Head of Security of Rand Enterprises, who claims to have been sent by Ward. Colleen Wing sees the entire fight as she thought of saving Danny from being attacked.

Ward, upon learning of Shannon's failure, calls for a meeting and goes to a secretly locked place where Harold is still alive and is operating the company from the shadows. Harold warns that the situation about Danny needs to be taken care of as if he is the true Danny Rand, it would bring many complicated questions and situations for them. Ward keeps silent about the fact that he met Danny and realized he wasn't a fake. Kyle is Harold's assistant who is said to be loyal and knows most of their operations.

Danny comes back to the park to call it a night but finds Big Al overdosed and prays for his soul. He observes an eagle's tattoo on his arm.

The next day, Danny sneaks into RE and waits in Joy's room for her to come. Upon arriving, she thinks of letting Danny a chance and asks him to tell his version and offers him a drink. While remembering his story, Danny realizes that the drink was drugged and falls unconscious, having glimpses of Joy and Ward, his parents, a few monks, and then wakes up to see a doctor and a nurse. He sees that he has been tied down in a hospital bed and is being given regular doses of anesthetic drugs and falls asleep again.


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So Fresh, So Clean Outkast
Oblique Streak The Headchopperz
Krystal Karrington (Demo) Camp Lo
Heat of the Moment Killah Priest
New Digs Trevor Morris
Bad Tea Trevor Morris
  • Danny Rand begins to lose consciousness and realizes that Joy Meachum has poisoned his tea before passing out.
We Got You, Danny Trevor Morris
  • (Flashback) As the plane is about to crash, Heather Rand reassures her son Danny that everything will be fine before she is sucked out of the plane.


  • Danny asks Colleen if she had ever thought of teaching kung fu at her dojo. Marvel developed the Iron Fist storyline after the success of the television show "Kung Fu."


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