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"We're under attack! Clear the city, now! Get off your asses."
Quicksilver warns the Sokovia Police Department of the upcoming Battle of Sokovia[src]

The Sokovian Police Department is the national police force of Sokovia, responsible for law enforcement, criminal investigation, and public safety within the country.



The Sokovian Police Department is the national police force of Sokovia, and has been at the forefront of much of the country's turmoil. The department was involved in maintaining order during protests in the country, along with international peacekeeping missions.

Ultron Offensive

When the rogue artificial intelligence known as Ultron began his offensive against humanity, he chose the Sokovian capital of Novi Grad as the location from which he would realize his plans. To stop him, the Avengers, the powerful superhero team from whom Ultron had defected, rushed to the country to stop him. The Sokovian police assisted with the evacuation of citizens from Novi Grad, spurred into action by Pietro Maximoff. Initially unwilling to move, and unaware of the threat facing them, Maximoff frightened them into action by firing an RPK light machine gun into the roof of their police station.

Although they began assisting with the evacuation, the city began to rise into the sky as Ultron's Vibranium flight rig lifted a large chunk of the city from the ground. As Ultron intended to crash the flying city back to the planet's surface once a certain altitude had been reached, officers of the department aided the Avengers in fighting off the swarms of Ultron Sentries, who were seeking to activate the crash sequence. After the arrival of S.H.I.E.L.D. and the original Helicarrier, the police both evacuated the remaining citizens and themselves, whilst the Avengers dealt a final crushing blow to Ultron and disintegrated the airborne city before it could impact the ground below.[1]