South Beach is a city in the state of Florida.


Date by the Beach

Lance Hunter had a date with a woman named Bridget in South Beach, as part of an undercover assignment to infiltrate a fund raiser in Miami, hosted by Bridget's boss Gabriel Soto, intended to collect money to rebuild the church of Santa Maria de las Flores, devastaved by fire.

Hunter walked holding hands with Bridget, and managed to flirt with her to the point of kissing her near the beach. Hunter seized the opportunity to steal a ticket for the fund raiser from her purse, giving it to Skye as she passed on a scooter behind them.

Minutes later, Alphonso Mackenzie picked Hunter up, who contacted with Skye at the Bus, and Coulson and May at the fundraiser event in Miami. Hunter explained that Bridget, being Soto's executive assistant, revealed to him that her boss would send the painting the next morning for verification, while she and Hunter shared an intimate moment.[1]


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