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"You know, they told me that you people were conceited douchebags. But that isn't true at all!"
Rocket Raccoon to Ayesha[src]

The Sovereign are a highly advanced, genetically engineered galactic race who live on the planet of the same name.


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Hiring the Guardians

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"What are they called again?"
"Anulax Batteries."
"...Harbulary batteries."
"That's nothing like what I just said. But they are worth thousands of Units a piece which is why the Sovereign hired us to protect them. Careful what you say around these folks, they are easily offended, the cost of transgression is death."
Drax the Destroyer and Star-Lord[src]
The Sovereign had their home planet attacked by an Abilisk that was wreaking havoc on the world and trying to eat the planet's power source. Believing it to be beneath them to fight it themselves, their leader Ayesha hired the Guardians of the Galaxy to kill the beast in exchange for Nebula, who was captured by the Sovereign attempting to steal Anulax Batteries.[1]

Chasing the Guardians

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"What is the delay Admiral?"
"High Priestess, the batteries, they are exceptionally combustible, they could destroy the entire fleet"
"How concerned are you about the slight against our people? We hired them and they steal from us? It is heresy of the highest order."
"All command modulals, fire with the intent to kill."
Ayesha and the Sovereign Admiral[src]

After paying the Guardians for killing the Abilisk with Nebula, the high priestess Ayesha asked their leader, Peter Quill of his heritage. After being paid a rude remark from Rocket Raccoon, several Sovereign advanced to arrest the Guardians. After the Guardians had left, the Sovereign realized that Rocket had stolen several Anulax Batteries. With this, they activated and dispatched the Golden Drones to attack the Guardians.

Engaging in a massive space battle with Milano, the all but one of the Drones were eventually destroyed. The last drone was blown up by Drax the Destroyer, although not without the Milano suffering heavy damage.

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Ayesha and her escort travelled to the Iron Lotus, Contraxia to find and hire Yondu Udonta and his Ravagers to locate the Guardians.

The Sovereign were contacted by the Ravager Taserface, telling them the coordinates to Yondu Udonta and the Guardians of the Galaxy. He told them to inform Yondu that he was the one who tipped them off. When he told them his name however, the Sovereign just broke out laughing.[1]

Battle on Ego's Planet

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The Sovereign followed on Taserface's tip and tracked the Guardians to Ego. Entering the planet's core, the Drones attacked the Guardians, heavily damaging their ship under heavy fire. Rocket caused the laser drills to rearrange themselves to fire on the Sovereign only for the power to cut out due to a hit to the engine. Nebula plugged her cybernetics into the battery to repower the ship. Rocket then fired on the Sovereign, destroying the entire fleet. The Laser Drill then was destroyed by a final shot from the last ship, causing Rocket, Yondu, Groot and Nebula to bail out.[1]

Next step in Evolution

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GotGV2 Adam 3

Adam's birthing pod.

"That, my child, is the next step in our evolution. More powerful, more beautiful, more capable of destroying the Guardians of the Galaxy. I think I shall call him...Adam."
Ayesha to her Chambermaid[src]

After the Battle on Ego's Planet, the Sovereign found their resources depleted. Ayesha decided to create a new Sovereign but "better". She christened the new creation: Adam.[1]

Notable Members


  • The Sovereign shares elements in common with different Marvel Comics characters:
    • The Enclave, a group of earth scientists with the goal of creating a benevolent technocracy on Earth, who are responsabile for the creation of Ayesha and Adam Warlock.
    • The Universal Church of Truth, a religious space empire who worshipped the Magus and exterminated anyone who rejected the Church's beliefs, like the entire Zen-Whoberi population.
    • The Sovereign are created in pods, which is a direct reference to Adam Warlock and Ayesha, and their birth through cocoons. [2]


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