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"Checking for alien spectrographic signatures one teeny rock at a time."
"Necessary precaution. We don't want anything alien getting into the wrong hands"
Leo Fitz and Grant Ward[src]

The Spectrographic Analyzer is a device used to determine the frequency spectrum of an item.


When Agent Phil Coulson's team was assigned as part of the S.H.I.E.L.D. clean-up crew after the Battle of Greenwich, Agent Leo Fitz spent hours checking the debris in the area for alien spectrographic signatures as a necessary precaution to avoid alien elements from getting in the wrong hands.

Every element with anomalous spectrographic signatures was contained, classified as hazardous material and marked for transport.

The Spectrographic Analyzer was used again while investigating an incident in the Trillemarka National Park, in Norway involving a Norse Paganist Hate Group, determining that an impression in a fallen tree was of Asgardian origin.[1]


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