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"Well, I could've stuck the landing a little better. It's just the new suit- it's nothing! Mr. Stark, it's perfect, thank you."
Spider-Man to Iron Man[src]

The Spider-Man Suit is a specialized suit created by Tony Stark to help Peter Parker focus and control his powers and also to protect his identity.


Homemade Suit

"You're the Spiderling? Crime-Fighting-Spider? Spider-Boy?"
"Not in that onesie you're not."
"It's not a onesie."
Tony Stark and Peter Parker[src]
Spider-Man First Suit

Tony Stark holding Peter Parker's first Spider-Man suit.

Originally, Peter Parker wore a homemade suit consisting of cheap red and blue clothing such as a blue onesie-like suit with a red hoodie over the top with the sleeves ripped off and a black spider on the chest, red fingerless gloves with black webbing designs on them and black squinted goggles to fight crime in New York City; he hid this suit from his aunt May by hiding it in a loft above his room which came down on a rope whenever someone opened it. Parker apparently abandoned this suit when Tony Stark visited him and decided to make him a new suit after jokingly mocking it.[3]

New Suit

Clash of the Avengers

Spider-Man Civil War 08

Spider-Man with his new suit at the Clash of the Avengers.

"You're in dire need of an upgrade. Systemic, top to bottom."
Tony Stark to Peter Parker[src]

Tony Stark constructed a new-and-improved suit for Peter Parker after visiting him and seeing the old costume he used to fight crime as Spider-Man. This new suit was more tight fitting and the exact same color as his old suit. He used this suit at the Clash of the Avengers to fight Captain America's faction.[3]

Keeping the Suit

SMH Fan's Guide 69

Tony Stark telling Peter Parker to keep the suit.

"I get to keep that suit?"
"Yeah. Doesn't fit me."
―Peter Parker and Tony Stark[src]

After returning from Germany, Tony Stark allowed Peter to keep the Spider-Man suit, on the condition that he does not attract attention to himself and remains close to the ground.[4]

Facing responsability

SMH Trailer2 38

Tony Stark arguing with Peter Parker.

"I'm gonna need the suit back."
"But I'm nothing without this suit!"
"If you're nothing without this suit, then you shouldn't have it."
Tony Stark and Peter Parker[src]

When Parker confronted Vulture after Tony Stark told him not to, where the villain put several civilians in jeopardy, Tony Stark took the suit back from Peter, deeming him to be too irresponsible and not earning the right to wear it.[4]


Homemade Suit

  • Web-Shooters: The suit has Web-Shooters strapped onto the wrists that allow Spider-Man to discharge synthetic webbing for various purposes. It is presumed that the web-shooters were made from old parts that Peter got from the garbage. These were the only part of the costume which Tony Stark didn't mock.
SMH Trailer2 65
  • Black Goggles: Peter relied on wearing black goggles which had little slits in the lenses for Peter to see out of, Tony Stark mocked these while putting them on, quoting 'Lordy! Can you even see in these?', to which Peter replied that he could see in them and that they helped him to focus, stating that his senses had been 'dialed up to 11'.

Upgraded Suit

"How'd you find me? You put a tracker in my suit or something?"
"I put everything in your suit. Including this heater."
Spider-Man and Iron Man[src]
  • Eye Lenses: Spider-Man's eye lenses appear to be modeled after camera shutters, giving him a squinting look when they close in and provide him a greater depth of field. This mechanism also helps Parker filter out extra stimuli.
"Ah. Web grenade."
  • Upgraded Web-Shooters: The suit has Web-Shooters strapped onto the wrists that allow Spider-Man to discharge synthetic webbing for various purposes. These shooters are more modern and streamlined. It was revealed that a mechanism within the Web-Shooters allows Spider-Man to display a Spider-Signal with the motif of his mask. In addition, the Web-Shooters are configurable to allow Spider-Man to use up to 576 different combinations of his synthetic webbing, such as the Web Grenade, a configuration that detonates and neutralizes its target after a few seconds. The different combinations are dialed through either hand gestures or voice commands, with the suit's HUD showing the different selections.
  • Utility Belt: The belt attached to the suit can hold at least six spare web-cartridges used as refill for Spider-Man's web-shooters.[5]
SMH Trailer Sneak Peek 5

Spider-Man using his Web Wings to glide over an helicopter.

"Web Wings!"
  • Web Wings: An upgrade from Tony Stark that allows him to glide in the air with a pair of wings that spread from his armpits and extend to his upper arms and thighs, it appears that they can be retracted for when he doesn't need them and only uses them for when he's too high or not enough places for him to swing from.[4]
  • Vacuum Seal: By pressing the emblem on the chest, Peter can have the suit expand and become several sizes larger, allowing him to slip out of the suit easily. It appears that he can still wear undergarments such as boxer shorts under the suit due to the same process compressing the suit through vents located on his shoulders and the top of his calves, making it appear as though he's not wearing anything underneath.[4] Once the process is completed, the suit's A.I. boots up and goes through a diagnostics check, showcased by highlighting the different components of the suit (i.e. mask, eye lenses, compression vents, etc.).
  • Spider-Drone: In addition to altering the suit's size, the spider emblem on his chest is capable of detaching from its socket, deploying miniature rotating blades from its tail section that allow it to fly through the air, seemingly independent of Spider-Man's control. It has a drone mode which allows it to fly onto a target and act as a tracking device.
  • GPS Tracking System: In his right Web-Shooter, Parker has a GPS tracking system with a holographic display, allowing him to follow his Spider-Drone. It also allows Tony Stark to track his whereabouts at all times.
  • Parachute: The suit has a built in parachute, deployed from the spider symbol on his back once Spider-Man exceeds a certain altitude.
Spider-Man Suit A.I. (Web Shooters - SMH)

Spider-Man's HUD

  • A.I.: The suit has an inbuilt A.I. system, similar to Tony Stark ’s F.R.I.D.A.Y., that informs Spider-Man on changing tactical situations, as well as provides diagnostic reports.
  • HUD: The suit has an inbuilt AR heads-up display system, powered by the suit’s A.I., allowing Spider-Man to analyze his surroundings.
  • Heater: The suit has an inbuilt heating system to keep Spider-Man warm.


  • In the comics, Peter Parker created his Spider-Man suit himself, while Tony Stark created the Iron Spider Armor for him during the Civil War.
  • The camera shutter-like eye lenses may refer to Peter Parker's occupation as a freelance photographer for the Daily Bugle in the comics. It can also refer to numerous times in the comics where his eye lenses would show expressions by widening or squinting even though he's wearing a cloth mask.
  • His original suit, before the upgrade by Tony Stark, matches that of the Scarlet Spider suit from the comics. Albeit with an inverted color palette.

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