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"You know, I gotta say, Happy. You tracking me without my permission is a complete violation of my privacy."
[Ned points to Spider-Tracer]
"That's different."
Peter Parker[src]

The Spider-Tracer are small trackers designed by Tony Stark to resemble spiders. When fired, the Tracer is capable of crawling to its target and remain hidden, while emitting a signal that Spider-Man's Web-Shooters can then track.


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Spider-Man's Tech Web-Shooters demonstrates the ability to launch small GPS trackers shaped like spiders that can crawl on there own, which Spider-Man can track via his suit's holographic display. Using these trackers, Spider-Man can find out where criminals are located and their movements.


  • In the comics, Spider-Man originally developed a small tracking device to follow the signal from his Spider-Tracers, before he later modified them with a special signal that reacts with his Spider-Sense within a certain radius to let him know if his target is nearby.


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