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Doreen Green is a totally empowering fan girl—tough, optimistic and a natural leader. Known as Squirrel Girl, Doreen is confident and has the powers of a squirrel... She’s acrobatic, can fight and talk to other squirrels. Her most important trait is that she has faith in people and teaches them to believe in themselves.[1]


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Powers and Abilities


  • Superhuman Strength:
  • Squirrel Communication:




  • In the comics, Squirrel Girl received the ability to communicate with squirrels at a young age and later gained squirrel-like physical attributes through unclear means. As an avid superhero fan, she used her abilities to start up a superhero career of her own, initially by having Iron Man as a mentor. Throughout her tenure, she served as a member of both the main Avengers team and its counterpart, the Great Lakes Avengers, and even retired temporarily to serve as the nanny of Jessica Jones and Luke Cage's infant daughter. Her powers proved surprisingly effective, even against some of Marvel's most powerful villains, including Thanos.

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