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The Staff of One is a mystical relic used by Tina Minoru and Nico Minoru.


The Staff was found by Nico Minoru while exploring her mother's office.


  • In the comics, the Staff of One is a powerful staff powered by blood magic capable of summoning any spell and incantation that exists, but can only do each spell once. The Staff of One was used by the powerful dark wizard Tina Minoru, but was later stolen by her daughter Nico Minoru.
  • In the comics, the staff was unintentionally put into Nico by her mother and released when Nico shed her own blood. Instead, the staff exists outside, though with a shorter rod, and the rod extends when either Nico or Tina prick their finger on the button to activate the device.
  • The Staff can be seen wielded by Tina Minoru during the film Doctor Strange. Due to the Staff being advanced nanotechnology as opposed to true magic, it remains to be the seen the exact reason such a device was used by the sorcerers of Kamar-Taj.


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