Stakar Ravager Clan is one of the hundred clans of the Ravagers. Distinguished by their navy blue garbs, this clan is lead by Stakar Ogord.


Stakar Ogord, along with his clan of Ravagers went to the Iron Lotus to relax when he was approached by Yondu Udonta. Having exiled Udonta, Ogord refused to greet him and left the Iron Lotus, infroming its madam that by servicing Udonta's exiled clan, she had lost the custom of all the other Ravager clans. Angered at Ogord's dismissal, Udonta approached Ogord, leading the two to get into an argument. Ogord told Udonta that it brought him no pleasure exiling him but he had to because he dealt in children and broke the Ravager code.

A few days later however, after Rocket Raccoon contacted the Ravagers to tell them of Udonta's role in the Battle on Ego's Planet and also his subsequent sacrifice to save Peter Quill's life, Ogord was finally able to forgive his old friend. He and the other Ravager captains arrived during the funeral, where their ships saluted the dead Ravager in traditional fashion, signalling their re-acceptance of him as one of them.[1]