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"Faint traces of your accent suggest that Stalingrad was your birthplace, but I sense that you have not seen a home in many years, my child."
Samuel Sterns to Black Widow[src]

Stalingrad, now known as Volgograd, is an important industrial city and the administrative center of one of the federal subjects or oblasts in Russia.


Stalingrad is the birthplace of Natasha Romanoff, who went to become one of the world's most talented spies, first for the Soviet KGB and, eventually, for S.H.I.E.L.D.

Samuel Sterns, mutated by Bruce Banner's blood, requested Romanoff's assistance in escaping the authorities and securing his work. In order to convince her, he correctly guessed her birthplace as Stalingrad, recognizing faint traces of her accent, and offered her the home she hadn't had in many years.[1]


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