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WARNING! This article contains MAJOR SPOILERS for Iron Fist. Keep reading this article at your own risk.
"Yeah, I've seen this around all over the city. Heroin, pure like you've never seen... call it "Steel Serpent" on the streets."
Ben Urich to Daredevil[src]

The Steel Serpent drug is a kind of heroin produced and sold by Madame Gao's blind "employees".


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Deal with Fisk

Madame Gao became involved with Wilson Fisk and his criminal schemes, which saw her sending blind delivery people carrying backpacks with Steel Serpent to Vladimir and Anatoly Ranskahov often. The brothers would then take care of the heroin's distribution.[1]

Betraying the Russians

Gao would later help Fisk in his war against Ranskahov and his men. The Russians received her blind workers as usual, but their backpacks were filled with explosives rather than heroin, and their facilities were blown up. After these series of explosions, Fisk took over the distribution of Steel Serpent.[2]


Following the murder of Elena Cardenas, the man in the mask went after her assassin, a junkie who was given a supply of Steel Serpent in exchange for having taken care of her. He then decided to ask Ben Urich about the junkie's heroin, being told it was called Steel Serpent, the purest brand of heroin Urich had ever seen, and that blind workers were used to deliver it.

Murdock managed to locate and follow one of these deliverers to the warehouse Madame Gao used as her main facility and break in. He was terrified to find out about the dozens of blind people preparing the drugs for delivery, and was soon discovered by Madame Gao herself, who told her employees to attack him. Murdock went after Gao, but one of her guards accidently shot a flammable substance when trying to protect her, quickly setting the whole place on fire. After a brief dialogue with the masked man, Gao escaped, leaving him to evacuate the building. The police later investigated the burned warehouse and found out about the heroin and the illegal immigrants.[3]

The Blacksmith

Daredevil and Madame Gao would meet again months later as he looked for the Blacksmith, a new drug dealer who had become her greatest rival in the market. She revealed to him that the Blacksmith had been threatening her work by eliminating her chemists, but also that she had many territories, with New York City being only one of them, before finally telling him to search for her enemy's ship in the docks.[4]


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  • In the comics, "Steel Serpent" is the major alias of Davos, one of the arch-nemesis of Iron Fist. The symbol on the Steel Serpent envelopes is the same Davos carries on his chest.


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