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Captain Strieber is the leader of a task force and Misty Knight's superior.


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Investigating John Raymond

Receiving information from Jessica Jones, Strieber and other police officials examined John Raymond's apartment. Eventually joined by Misty Knight, he relayed to her that they found boxes of explosives stored and suspected that he had plans to perform some terrorist plot. The two also spoke of Jones before searching the rest of the marked scene.[1]

Interrogating the Defenders

With Murdock, Jones, and Cage in custody, Captain Strieber and Detective Knight begun to ask the group questions on their possible involvement in the death of the unidentified body at the scene. Though Murdock tried to keep from disclosing any information they had, Strieber listened, as Cage informed him and Knight of the Hand and the abduction of Rand. When they continue to withhold information, he pushed to phone higher-ups to hold them accountible for obstruction of justice.[2]

Destruction of Midland Circle

After Cage, Jones, and Murdock escape the precint, Strieber ordered units to locate them. Eventually, he heads for Midland Circle, where he found Knight ahead of them at the scene. They attempted to gain access to the interior but quickly learn that the loss of power have left all doors sealed. Upon learning that the evidence locker was raided of the map and explosives from Raymond's Apartment, he demanded that everyone moved away from the potential blast zone.[3]


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