The Stygians are a race of tentacled bipeds that are deeply involved in organized crime.


"I want the big one."
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Zade Scraggot, a Stygian crimelord, was involved in various crime-related riots at the Hub.[1]

Characteristic Traits

Stygians are a humanoid race, with the most differentiating characteristics being their reptilian physiology, spike scalp frills, and various tentacles in the place where their arms should be. They have red, pupilless eyes and jagged teeth, making them look somewhat monstrous.

Notable Stygians


  • In the comics, the Stygians were a slave race that had been annexed by the Shi'ar Empire who physically resemble humans with a black skin covered in a star-scape type pattern. In the MCU, the Stygians bear a striking resemblance the A'askvarii from the comics.


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