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"Dr. Phineas Horton presents The Synthetic Man"
―Display at the Stark Expo[src]

The Synthetic Man is a synthetic human body created by Doctor Phineas Horton.


The Synthetic Man, created by Doctor Phineas Horton, was one of the displays at the 1943 Stark Expo.[1]



  • The Synthetic Man is based on the original Human Torch. He was a major member of the Invaders and also one of the first superheroes that appeared in a Marvel publication (Marvel Comics Vol 1 #1). The other Human Torch was introduced later and is best known as a member of the Fantastic Four.
  • In the comics, it was the Human Torch who killed Adolf Hitler in 1945, and it was once believed that Ultron had used his remains to create Vision. However, that was later revealed to be a temporal duplicate. The original Human Torch was eventually revived and joined the West Coast Avengers, alongside Vision.

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