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Take Shelter is the fifth episode of the first season of The Defenders.


Elektra's loyalties are questioned, Colleen clashes with an old acquaintance, and Luke proves he knows how to take a hit.


In preparation to fight the Defenders at Royal Dragon, Sowande and Madame Gao readied their henchmen, arming them with guns and knives, while Murakami traveled alone, reaching the rooftop of the restaurant. Through a window, he crashed inside and leapt into the fight. Confused, Danny Rand and Matt Murdock engaged Murakami in the battle, while Jessica Jones and Luke Cage struggled to take down Elektra, much to their irritation. Alexandra Reid stood in the background before leaving through a back door. Though Rand and Murdock managed to knock Murakami off his feet, he soon retreated. The Defenders take notice that Reid left before the arrival of Sowande's men, armed with firearms firing throughout the restaurant. Everyone but Cage took cover from the bullets; Gao pulls a pistol of her own and kills one henchman, reminding Sowande that they were required to capture the Iron Fist alive.

Alongside Stick, the Defenders were circled by fighters. After a brief stare-down, the five initated a brawl with every Hand soldier; meanwhile, Murdock disarmed Elektra and pinned her to the wall, persuading her that he was not going to fight her. The two moved the fight to the back of the restaurant, where Murdock continued to plead for her to remember him, calling out her name again. Elektra froze still, Murdock slowly approaching her and asking what they had done to her. Soon, Murakami entered the scene, commanding her to kill him. As Murdock backed away, Elektra stuck her superior, projecting him to the brick wall and leaving him unconscious before vanishing.

Sowande manages to lure Cage outside Royal Dragon, convinced that he would be able to break Cage. With a few strikes, Cage flopped into the street, soon carried away by the front of an oncoming truck. Jones watched in terror as he dragged away before more Hand soldiers arrived at the scene. Rand overpowered the soldiers inside, but upon going towards Gao, he is projected backwards and stunned, Gao ordering her henchmen to restrain him. They are, however, interrupted by the arrival of Stick and Jones, whom shoved Gao aside and defeat the henchmen before leaving through the back entrance. When Rand asked where Cage was, Jones informed them that they took him. While Stick uncovered the drainage and demanded the group retreated to the sewers, Rand pulled Murdock back to reality and escaped the scene.

Gao walked to the backdoor and used her power to blast the door and garbage bin away from the door, where she found the area empty. Murakami reemerged awake when Gao questioned the whereabouts of the Defenders and the Black Sky; he replied that she should be asking Reid about Elektra. Meanwhile, the Defenders reached Chikara Dojo, sheltered away from the Hand. Alert once more at an approaching entity, everyone met eyes on Cage, whom informed and showcased that he managed to capture Sowande.


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  • This is the only episode in the season where all fifteen series regulars for season 1 appear.


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