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Should Alveus really be classified as Its "real" name? It's just an ancient Latin name that seems to be describing Its powers (beehive is one of the translations). 

Also in the names section, Hydra-God could be added as an alias, as he's referred to as such. 

As far as powers, I propose a rewriting of that section as follows, though more fleshed out. I'll work on polishing it tomorrow: 

Longevity/Possession. Can jump from corpse to corpse to stay alive for hundreds of years. 

Regeneration: Can absorb flesh to heal or renew the corpse he occupies. 

Microbe control (the sandstorm): Can mentally control dense clouds of microorganisms that resemble sand particulates suspended in the air. Can strip human flesh off of bone in a matter of seconds and can cover a large area, resembling a natural sandstorm. 

And then theorized/unconfirmed powers. Controlling other Inhumans, widening the chasm on Maveth, resisting Gorgon's paralyzing gaze, smelling blood (could be part of the microbe thing, could be just Will being scared of it. 

Affiliation category in infobox's


Hive clearly retains the abilities of its current and former hosts. For that reason, should we include that it's an expert combatant? Yes, it's using what Ward knew, but it's still using those skills. It couldn't hurt to add it.Jonathan Brock (talk) 23:44, May 9, 2016 (UTC)