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"Members only, pork-chop."
"It's ok, I'm meeting a friend."
"Get lost or get hurt."
―The Tattooed Doorman and Foggy Nelson[src]

The Tattooed Doorman is a member of the Dogs of Hell based in New York City who tried to keep Foggy Nelson out of their base.


Guarding the Dogs of Hell

"Don't move."
"Does it look like I'm packing?"
"Gonna wish you were."
Foggy Nelson and the Tattooed Doorman[src]

While guarding the Dogs of Hell's base within New York City, the Tattooed Doorman was approached by Foggy Nelson, who the Doorman refused to allow to enter. Nelson insisted that he was there to speak to a friend called Smitty, however the Doorman was aware that Smitty had already been killed by the Punisher. The doorman searched Nelson for a weapon and when he found none, he walked him inside to meet with Jimmy the Bear.[1]






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